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I’m Ritika Gupta aka @ritikapeace. I am a lot many things, but mostly, a girl in her 20s, passionate about poetry, music, editing all types of content and writing thought provoking yet relatable stories.

“Because I’m what you can never be. Because I’m unique, like you, and so, I’m common. Because you don’t know me, but you can try still. But you do not know me, and so, you might never really will.”

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I still remember how my journey in the world of words began. It all started with–smartphone, college, youthful professors, and a series of past-failures that I experienced as a new adult.

After a lot of deletion and remaking, I finally now have a warm family of readers on my Instagram account.

Although I know, most of those followers are either dead (inactive) or busy—I continue to cherish promoting and updating around my content their. It’s indeed a better way to connect more directly with my readers.

I just want to thank each person who has ever been a part of my life–be it for a second or years, be it for good or bad, be it online or off’–with all due respect and a heartwarming smile, thanking each being, each atom,

With Love

Ritika Gupta | Content Editor, Author, Blogger, and Art Enthusiast

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